Create & Manage Bookings in Genius

Genius includes a secure booking system where you create & manage bookings (orders) on behalf of your customers, this is how you book learners onto training events.

Bookings are quick & easy and using the Genius single data entry policy you'll never need to enter any customers information twice. This ensures efficiency and accuracy of data.
Watch the short video below about placing a booking with Genius.

Genius Training Management Software Orders

Manage Invoices

Genius includes a built in invoice system which allows you to manage finances all within Genius. Generate an invoice in a couple of clicks and email it to your customers with ease.

Genius invoices are seamlessly integrated with your favorite accounts software such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage with 'automated sync' keeping Genius and your accounts software in perfect sync at all times.

Your customers can view and download invoices right from the Genius Customer Platform and make secure online payments with ease.

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Manage Invoices
Sync with Xero, Quickbooks or Sage

Accept Card Payments with Stripe

Accepting secure card payments is easy with Genius as we are fully integrated with Stripe.
Stripe is the world leader in secure online payments and the seamless Genius integration means when your customers pay invoices Stripe automatically updates Genius, marking your orders & invoices as paid saving you valuable time.
Plus, if you use Xero, Genius updates your invoices as paid direct from Stripe too.

Connecting your Stripe account to Genius is extremely easy and takes a couple of minutes, a few mouse clicks and can be done by anyone, no technical experience required.

Accept Payments with Stripe

Accept online bookings
Accept Online Payments with Stripe

Accept Bookings and Payments on your Website

Accepting bookings on your own website is crucial in todays market and Genius Training Management Software makes this simple with our 'copy and paste' integration which includes secure card payments.

Accept Card Payments

Genius website integration includes Stripe secure card payment service. Stripe even updates your orders payment status within Genius when payments are made.

Live Feed

Genius Training Management Software provides a live feed to your website displaying available places in real time and closes full or expired events automatically avoiding overbooking events.

Order Data Sync

All customer and order data is synced with Genius in real time utilizing single data input and allowing you to process orders quickly and easily.

Works on All Devices

Genius website integration is 'Responsive' which means it automatically works on all devices including smart phones, tablets, PC and Laptops.
Multiple Regions and Locales
Multiple Currencies

Multi-Currency & Multi-Locale

Genius is used world wide in multiple currencies, timezones and locales.

Genius makes booking training and invoicing in multiple currencies, with different tax rates and tax regions quick and simple so is ideal for multi-region and global companies.

Genius allows you to have your account set in a default currency and then place orders and raise invoices in any other currency that you choose, making Genius ideal for Training Companies who deal in many different currencies.

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Book a Demo

Booking a Genius demo is a great way to understand how our software actually works and how it will have a positive impact on your business. We use Zoom or Microsoft Teams as we walk you through Genius Training Management Software demonstrating the automation and time saving features that save our clients up to 65% on their course planning, scheduling and management.

We often use this technique to train our clients and their teams and find it the prefect way to demonstrate Genius without any pressure.
Our team is international so we can arrange a demo at any time to suite you regardless of your time zone.

Booking a Demo
Booking a demo is simple, just enter your details into the short form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

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