Create & Manage Bookings in Genius

Genius includes a secure booking system where you create & manage bookings (orders) on behalf of your customers, indeed this is how you book learners onto training events.

Bookings are quick & easy to make and using the Genius single data entry policy you'll never need to enter additional data for existing customers.
Watch the short video on placing a booking with Genius.

Genius Training Management Software Orders

Accept Website Bookings & Payments

Your customers can place orders easily themselves and make secure online payment using the Genius website integration.

Repeat customers make bookings using the Genius single data entry policy so they never need to enter additional information making the whole process quick, slick and simple.
Watch the short video on placing a booking with Genius.

Manage Invoices

Genius includes a built in invoice system which allows you to manage finances all within Genius. Generate an invoice in a couple of clicks and email it to your customers with ease.

Genius invoices are seamlessly integrated with your favorite accounts software such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage with 'automated sync' keeping Genius and your accounts software in perfect sync at all times.

Your customers can view and download invoices right from the Genius LMS with ease.

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Manage Invoices
Sync with Xero, Quickbooks or Sage
Multiple Regions and Locales
Multiple Currencies

Multi-Currency & Multi-Locale

Genius is used world wide in multiple currencies, timezones and locales.

Genius makes booking training and invoicing in multiple currencies, with different tax rates and tax regions quick and simple so is ideal for multi-region and global companies.

Genius allows you to have your account set in a default currency and then place orders and raise invoices in any other currency that you choose, making Genius ideal for Training Companies who deal in many different currencies.

Why Choose Genius

There are hundreds of features and many reasons to choose Genius Training Management Software for your Training Management requirements.
Below are some of our clients reasons for choosing Genius.

Simple To Use

The intuitive Genius user interface is powerful, slick and easy to use.

Cloud Access on All Devices

Genius Training Management Software is cloud based, works on all devices from anywhere in the world.

Regular Free Updates

Genius Training Management Software receives constant free updates adding new features & integrations.
Who Choose Genius Training Management Software

Advanced Stats & KPI

Genius automates reports, advanced statistics and KPI allowing you to plan growth.

Free Training & Support

Genius includes unlimited free training and support for you and your team.

Integrate with your Website

Integrate Genius Training Management Software seamlessly with any website for online bookings and payments.

Fully Secure System

Genius Training Management Software and all platforms are secured by end to end encryption and SSL.

What our Clients Say..

Our clients love Genius so much that 90% of new clients are referred by existing clients.

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