Training Planning

Planning, Scheduling & Managing Training

Planning, scheduling and managing training could not be quicker or easier in Genius Training Management Software. The use of templates and process automation speeds up the planning, scheduling, building and managing process. Single data entry makes creating course, venue, check lists templates quick while keeping your data clean and concise.

Reshedules, Cancelations & Transfers

Genius automates the time consuming process of rescheduling, canceling and transferring events by automatically updating associated bookings and notifying your customers by email, all with a single mouse click.

Personalised Joining Instructions

Genius automatically generates personlised joining instructions and is fully integrated with Google Maps and SatNav for that superior customer experience. Sending joining instructions is done in a single mouse click, or your customers can download them from the Genius Customer Platform.

Real Time Trainer Availability

Genius monitors each of your trainers availability and advises you when there is likely to be a 'clash' where your trainers are unavailable Read about Trainer Availability.

Manage Resources & Expenses

Create reusable resources and expenses templates that can be applied to training events by default or with a single click.

Managing training resources and expenses allows Genius to automatically calculate profit / loss and break even on each event in real time, allowing you to assess viability and maximize profits.

Advanced statistics allow you to analyze trainer, course and venue expenses at a glance allowing you to strategize and plan accordingly.

Manage Resources and expenses
Add task

Manage Diary, Tasks & Checklists

Each Genius user has their own Diary where they or their colleagues can add tasks and checklists.
Tasks as the name suggests are reminders that the user must complete and could involve any aspect of the business.

Checklists are assigned to admin users or trainers and link to a specific training event such as booking the venue, ordering training materials, assigning a trainer, sending feedback surveys and more.
Tasks and checklists are added to the recipients Diary and emailed to them to ensure receipt.

Checklists make the managing of events clear and concise while ensuring all tasks are assigned and completed. Every action is operator, date and time stamped in Genius creating an audit trail.

Manage Packages, Products and Services
Training Management Software managing products

Manage Packages, Products & Services

Manage Product and Services in Genius, add them to orders and sell them via your website and the Genius marketplace via the Customer Platform.

Bundle training events, products and services together and sell them as Packages via Genius, your website and marketplace.

Manage Attendance Registers

Create and complete attendance registers, keeping a permanent record of who attended and who didn't for audit purposes.
Your Trainers can also create and complete attendance registers via the Trainer Platform in real time in the training event.
Your corporate customers can then view the attendance registers of their staff in real time via the Customer Platform.

Manage Attendance Registers
Manage Exam Results

Manage Exam Results

Record and manage exam results and award qualifications to your learner. via the Customer Platform.
Trainers can also create and complete exams via the Trainer Platform.
Corporate customers can then view the exam results and qualifications awarded to their staff in real time via the Customer Platform.

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Booking a Genius demo is a great way to understand how our software actually works and how it will have a positive impact on your business. We use Zoom or Microsoft Teams as we walk you through Genius Training Management Software demonstrating the automation and time saving features that save our clients up to 65% on their course planning, scheduling and management.

We often use this technique to train our clients and their teams and find it the prefect way to demonstrate Genius without any pressure.
Our team is international so we can arrange a demo at any time to suite you regardless of your time zone.

Booking a Demo
Booking a demo is simple, just enter your details into the short form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

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