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Genius is much more than just 'Training Management Software' and includes 4 platforms as standard.


Training Management Software (TMS)

Genius Training Management Software is the core of Genius and controls the other 3 platforms. Here you store all of your business and customer data. This is where you plan and manage your training events, bookings, customers & learners, trainers, expenses, finance and much more.

Learner Management Software (LMS)

Your customers and learners have free access to Learner Management Software (LMS) to manage their training, qualifications, renewal reminders, training gap matrix, quotes, invoices, orders and more. Read More..

Trainer Platform

Your trainers, whether employed or freelance all have free access to the Trainer Platform to manage their own diary, expenses and fee's, assigned events, attendance registers, exam results and more. Read More..

Website Integration & Marketplace

Integrate your website with Genius Training Management Software to accept online bookings & secure payments. The live feed from Genius displays real time availability and prevents overbooking. Using Marketplace via the LMS allows your customers to book training and make secure payment all without leaving the LMS.
Read More about Website Integration.

Unique Selling Point

Genius clients report that when pitching to potential prospects the Customer Platform / LMS is often one of the deciding factor when selecting them as their chosen training provider.
The Customer Platform / Learner Management Software (LMS) essentially gives your customers secure access to their very own Training Management Software without paying for it, while creating a transparent audit trail for each learners qualifications and progress.

Sharing Information

Using the Genius Files Sharing Service you can upload files to share with your trainers (via Trainer Platform) and your customers (via LMS). This is a completely secure way to share sensitive information on business, training, learners qualifications and more.

Seamless Integrations

Genius Training Management Software offers seamless integrations with your favourite software, such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage accounts, Stripe secure online payments, Google Maps & SatNav, Google Analytics, (Amazon) AWS File Storage and many more integrations on the way.

Global Reach

Genius Training Management Software handles multiple currencies, tax rates, date formats, regions and time zones with ease making it the perfect choice for Global companies.

Time = Money

Genius Training Management Software saves our users approx 60% on their training administration time each day. Calculated over a year that is a significant cost saving on training administration.
Genius Training Management Software
Training Management Software

Planning Training

Planning and managing training is quick and simple with Genius Training Management Software. The use of templates and process automation speeds up the planning and building process. Single data entry makes creating course, venue, check lists and resources templates quick while keeping your data clean and concise.

The 'Trainer Planner' allows you to view multiple trainers diaries at once to check availability then assign or split training events with multiple trainers.

Automated joining instructions creation is fully integrated with Google Maps and SatNav for that superior customer experience. Sending joining instructions is done in a single mouse click, or your customer can download them from the Genius Learner Management Software (LMS).

Manage Resources & Expenses

Genius Training Management Software allows you to create reusable resources and expenses templates that can be applied to training events by default or with a single click.

Managing training resources and expenses allows Genius Training Management Software to automatically calculate profit / loss and break even on each event in real time, allowing you to assess viability and maximize profits.

Advanced statistics allow you to analyze trainer, course and venue expenses at a glance allowing you to strategise and plan accordingly.

Training Management Software
Genius Training Management Software
Genius Training Management Software
Training Management Software

Diary, Tasks & Checklists

Each Genius Training Management Software user has their own Diary where they or their colleagues can add tasks and checklists.
Tasks as the name suggests are reminders that the user must complete and could involve any aspect of the business.

Checklists are also tasks but are assigned to a specific training event such as booking the venue, ordering training materials, assigning a trainer, sending feedback surveys and more.
Genius Training Management Software makes creating and assigning tasks and checklists to either your colleagues or your trainers quick and easy. Tasks and checklists are added to the recipients Diary and emailed to them to ensure receipt.

Checklists make the managing of events clear and concise while ensuring all tasks are assigned and completed. Every action is operator, date and time stamped in Genius Training Management Software creating an audit trail.

Manage Customers, Companies & Learners

Genius Training Management Software makes is simple to manage company and customer data, assign discounts and link to their accounts in your chosen accounting software via our Xero, Sage or Quickbooks integrations.

Manage Customers

Manage detailed information on learners, upload a photo, proof of ID, record disabilities, historical qualification data. Manage attendance registers, exam results and renewal reminders, gaps in qualifications and more.

Advanced Search

Advanced global search tools allow you to find customers and learners accounts in seconds within minimal input.

Multiple Addresses

Manage unlimited number of addresses for corporate clients and report KPI on those addresses.

Multiple Contacts & Learners

Manage an unlimited number of contacts & learners within each company.

Attendance & Qualifications

Manage learners qualifications, attendance registers, exam results and more.

Renewals & Gap Analysis

Manage Qualification Renewal Reminders, Training Gap Matrix and more.

Advanced Stats & KPI

Analyze customers booking history and sales stats allowing you to plan and grow your business.
Qualification Renewaml Reminders
Training Gap Matrix

Qualification Renewal Reminders

Genius Training Management Software automatically sends Qualification Renewal Reminder emails to customers before their qualifications expire based on a schedule that you set. There are 4 emails, Green, Amber, Red and Black with all emails including your contact details and a link for the customer to rebook training with you with just a few mouse clicks.

Email are sent automatically or you can choose to switch this feature off in your settings if you prefer.

Your customers and learners can also see a list of the qualifications and when they are due to expire in the Genius Learner Management Software.

Training Gap Matrix

Genius Training Management Software allows you to enter 'Required Qualifications' for learners, then alerts you to gaps in the learners qualifications.

You can view all learners with gaps in any qualifications or view a single companies learners to see which training is required, you can then book training for those learners right from within Genius (see Orders & Finance).

The Training Gap Matrix is also available for your customers and learners to view via the Genius Learner Management Software and they can book training with you right and make secure payment from within the LMS.

Training Management Software
Training Gap Matrix

Create & Manage Bookings in Genius

Genius includes a secure booking system where you create & manage bookings (orders) on behalf of your customers, indeed this is how you book learners onto training events.

Bookings are quick & easy to make and using the Genius single data entry policy you'll never need to enter additional data for existing customers.
Watch the short video on placing a booking with Genius.

Genius Training Management Software Orders

Accept Website Bookings & Payments

Your customers can place orders easily themselves and make secure online payment using the Genius website integration.

Repeat customers make bookings using the Genius single data entry policy so they never need to enter additional information making the whole process quick, slick and simple.
Watch the short video on placing a booking with Genius.

Manage Invoices

Genius includes a built in invoice system which allows you to manage finances all within Genius. Generate an invoice in a couple of clicks and email it to your customers with ease.

Genius invoices are seamlessly integrated with your favorite accounts software such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage with 'automated sync' keeping Genius and your accounts software in perfect sync at all times.

Your customers can view and download invoices right from the Genius LMS with ease.

Manage Invoices
Sync with Xero, Quickbooks or Sage
Share Files
Upload to Cloud
Share Files with Customers & Trainers

The Genius File Sharing service allows you to upload files to the cloud for storage or to share.

Sharing with Customers
Upload learning materials or certificates to share with customers & learners. Your customers & learners can then download these files via the Genius LMS.

Sharing with Trainers
Upload learning materials, invoices, documents or any files to share with your trainers. Trainers can then download these files via the Trainer Platform.

Latest News, Blog Posts & Updates

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Our team is international so we can arrange a walk through at any time to suite you regardless of your time zone.

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