Manage Trainers

Manage your Trainers availability and assign them to deliver training events with ease.

You can manage access to the Trainer Platform, record and manage trainer expenses, view trainer statistics, control trainers diaries and much more.

Manage Trainers

Trainer Availability

Genius automatically manages your Trainers availability and advises you when you are trying to assign a trainer who is unavailable.

Trainer Qualifications

Manage and record trainers qualifications, easily see which courses trainers are qualified to deliver to make an informed decision on assignments.

Trainer Venue & Region Management

Assign trainers only to venues & regions which they can deliver training at, minimizing travel expenses.

Trainer Expenses

Manage Trainer expenses, such as travel expenses, training fee's and more'.

Manage Trainer Diaries

Each trainer has their own Diary to view & manage their Tasks, Checklist and Events and assignments are automatically added to their diary.

Registers & Exams

Trainers can complete attendance registers and exam results live in the event.

Trainer Platform

You won't incur additional licensing fees since all your trainers receive free access to the Genius Trainer Platform, regardless of your trainer count.

Robust access control enables you to customize the level of access for each trainer with individual permission settings.

This flexibility allows you to selectively share sensitive information with specific trainers while restricting it from others, at your discretion.
Read about the Trainer Platform.

Genius Trainer Platform

Free Access

The Trainer Platform is completely Free of charge for all of your trainers, either freelance or employed.

Access Control

You have complete control over which trainers have access and when. Grant or revoke access with a single click.

Cloud File Sharing

Upload files and share them with trainers in our secure environment.

Accessible Anywhere

Trainers can access Genius anywhere securely using any web enabled device.

Manage Diaries

Each trainer has their own Diary to manage their Tasks, Checklist and Events.

Registers & Exams

Trainers can complete attendance registers and exam results live in an event.
Share Files
Upload to Cloud
Share Files with Customers & Trainers

The Genius File Sharing service allows you to upload files to the cloud for storage or to share.

Sharing with Customers
Upload learning materials or certificates to share with customers & learners. Your customers & learners can then download these files via the Customer Platform.

Sharing with Trainers
Upload learning materials, invoices, documents or any files to share with your trainers. Trainers can then download these files via the Trainer Platform.

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