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We are asked the same questions over and over so here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Do you offer a Free Trial?

We offer a 14 Day Free Trial of the full and latest version of Genius Training Management Software. However, we do like to speak with you and go through a walk through using Zoom or Teams before you begin your free trial. This is to familiarize you with Genius to make sure you get the most out of your 14 day free trial. Give us a call on: 0330 113 7783 if you would like to arrange a walk through and free trial or Book a Demo here.

How long does a demo take?

Booking a demo is the only way to see exactly how Genius Training Management Software will impact your business and save you hours of administration time. The full demo takes between 1 and 2 hours depending of how you will use Genius and the questions that you have. When you book a demo we call you to have a brief chat about your requirements, we then tailor the demo to your exact requirements. Book your Demo here.

How quickly can I start using Genius?

When you decide to subscribe to Genius we set up your account and have you complete a subscription for your monthly subscription. We give you access to Genius within 30 minutes of signing up.

Do you offer a Switching Service?

Many of our new clients have used Training Management Software previously, so have a lot of customer data to import into Genius. We take care of everything for you, from setting up your account, to importing your data and training your staff on using Genius. Read more.

How many users does Genius Support?

Genius was designed and developed from scratch by our in house team, this means it has no limitations. We do impose a minimum limit of x2 users, but no upper limit on the number of users you can have, the number of customers, learners or training events that you can run. Genius is literally unlimited.

Do you offer different payment plans?

We offer 2 versions of Genius, these are Genius which our most popular by far and Enterprise. Genius is the full version of the TMS and includes, Customer Platform, Trainer Platform and website integration and has a minimum x2 users and is a 12 month minimum contract renewed every 12 months. If you choose to pay annually you get 2 months free.
Enterprise is a completely bespoke software solution which is tailored to meet the clients every need and is usually reserved for large companies with a minimum 30 users and has a large set up fee. Genius Enterprise is a 24 month minimum contract renewed every 24 months.
Both Genius and Enterprise are offered on monthly subscription. . See Pricing

What are Training and Support costs?

All of your Training and Support is included in your Genius or Enterprise subscription. Unlimited Training and Support is offered by Zoom, Teams and Email. Read more about Support.

How often to you update Genius?

We make very small performance upgrades continuously, these are barely noticeable to our clients but are essential to ensure the smooth running of Genius Training Management Software. We roll out major updates every 6 - 8 weeks. These updates include new services to improve Genius and are largely free of charge. Genius Training Management Software is cloud software or (SaaS) which means that all of our clients are always using the very latest and best performing version of Genius. The vast majority of Genius Training Management Software updates are suggested and chosen by our community of users. We are also very conscious that people don't like change, and the last thing you want is constantly changing software as this would require additional training for your staff. All updates are gradual and don't require any further training for your staff.

How much is the set up fee?

If you subscribe to Genius and enter your data yourself there is a one time setup fee of £995. If you require your existing data be imported by us (bulk import) we do charge for this with pricing being different in each case. Our team can advise on this.

How long is the contract?

A subscription to Genius Training Management Software is for a minimum 12 months. At the end of 12 months you can sign up again for another 12 months and so on and so forth with your contract rolling over and continuing until you quit. There are no termination fees.

How do I end the relationship?

The end of any relationship is hard, the memories made together, the laughter, the joy we bring each other... We get it, people grow, they change and the grass looks greener on the other side, but that's seldom the case.
No one likes a break up, but we understand that you 'need to find yourself' and 'it's you, not us' so no hard feelings...
To break up with Genius we don't insist that you 'at least have the guts to do it to my face!', you can send us a 'dear Jon' email giving 30 days notice at the end of your 12 month contract. No penalties, no fees to pay, just a teary goodbye.
Unlike a bitter lover we don't hold a grudge and will always take you back with open arms. Some may leave.. but they all come back in the end!

Can I integrate Genius with my Website?

Yes, we actually encourage you to integrate Genius with your existing website to accept bookings and secure online payments. Integration is quick and simple, can be done by anyone so long as you know how to 'copy and paste'. We have created a tutorial video here. This is an actually video of us performing an integration and takes 3 minutes. Read more about Website Integration.

How can I accept online Payments?

Genius is fully integrated with Stripe to accept credit / debit card payments. You can simply connect your Stripe account to Genius (takes less than a minute) And all of your customers can then pay you by secure credit / debit card. Read more about Stripe.

Can I use my own Payment System?

Genius is ONLY integrated with Stripe to accept credit / debit card payments. If you use any other service we recommend you consider Stripe as well as you can use two services side by side. There is no set up fee and no monthly charge with Stripe. Read more about Stripe.

What are Premium Services?

We offer a few additional 'Paid For' services such as our File Sharing Service and the Xero Integration. These are optional services that are not required to use Genius but may enhance your business and bring you more revenue.

Can I use Genius anywhere?

Genius is cloud software, that means you can use it in any country on earth so long as you have an internet enabled device and an internet connection.

Do you have a Genius App?

No we don't. There is no need as Genius works on all devices such as PC, Mac, laptop, tablet and mobile. Genius also work on all operating systems as it's basically like accessing a website.

Does Genius support different Time Zones?

Genius is used in many different countries by different clients in different time zones so Genius does support different date/time formats. The USA format dates differently to the UK for example and all are supported by Genius.

Does Genius support different Currencies?

Genius works with all currencies. Plus you can even use Genius in your default currency, and invoice different clients in their own currency. This can be done for an unlimited number of currencies. We have created a short video demonstrating this here.

Does Genius include a Trainer login?

Genius includes the Trainer Platform which is a secure limited version of Genius specifically for your trainers to use. Trainers can manage their own diary, view the events that they are scheduled to deliver and can complete attendance Registers for their events and much more.
You have very fine access control over each individual Trainer. You can limit access too financial or sensitive information so it's completely safe for sub-contract and freelance trainers to use. The Trainer Platform is included for free in your Genius subscription regardless of the number of trainers you have.
Read more about the Trainer Platform.

Does Genius include a Customer Platform?

Yes, we invented the Customer Platform in training management software, so this is included at no charge. Your customers and learners can have free access to the customer platform to manage and track their training and you have full control over who can use this and when.
Read more about the Customer Platform.

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