Top 5 Reason you need Training Management Software

The Training industry is awash with LMS software (Learning Management Software) which allows you to manage online training, with hundreds of platforms out there, but what about traditional face to face training. That’s where Training Management Software (or TMS) comes in. Worldwide there are only a handfull of Training Management Software vendors so the choice is slim. However we have asked hundreds of training companies what their Top 5 Reasons for choosing Training Management Software.

  1. Organising Company Information
    Organising company information in a secure database is the number 1 reason people choose training management software over using something like MS Excel which is neither secure or easy to manage.
    Being able to quickly access customer and training data is essential and saves the business time and money.
    Genius Training Management Software uses a template based system meaning you only enter data once which saves huge amounts of time and reduces the chances of duplicate or erroneous input.

  2. . Planning & Analyzing Training
    The planning of training can be a long and complex process so having software to take the heavy lifting is a welcome help.
    Training Management Software should provide automated detailed analytics and statistics which show you which your most profitable courses are and where they take place. Good Training Management Software such as Genius will give you real time profit / loss and break even on each training event allowing you to make informed decissions to plan the growth of your business.   Quick Fact. Most traning companies still use MS Excel to store and manage customer information dispite the obvious security and data protection risks. Would you be ok with your personal data being in a unsecured  spreadsheet with thousands of others?

  3. Managing Trainers
    Managing Trainers and sharing information with them can be difficult, but good quality Training Management Software will make this quick, simple and effective. You need to assign trainers to their events, if you use freelance trainers maybe you need the trainers to agree to the event before you finally assign them to it depending on their availability. Good well thought out Training Management Software will automate all of this for you. Each trainer should have their own diary that you can see to check their availability before assigning them. Sharing information such as learning materials, attendance registers and more should all be quick and simple. Indeed with Genius Training Management Software each trainer has Free access to the Trainer Platform where they can manage their own diary, view the events that they are assigned to, download shared documents and even complete attendance registers from their smart phone while in the event.

  4. Take Online Bookings
    Let’s face it, without customers booking training you have no training business, so allowing them to book and pay online is essential to your business. It is 2020 afterall. If you don’t currently accept online bookings, you are losing business to your competitors who do accept online bookings, that’s just a fact!
    You need Training Management Software that easily integrates with your current website. If you have to get a new website that’s just additional cost so find Training Management Software that seamlessly integrates with your current website, such as Genius.
    You also need to accept online payments, which is now very easy using a service like Opening an account with them is quick and free, no monthly charges and they are one of the cheapest around for card processing fees. You need to make sure your chosen Training Management Software is integrated with Stripe (or similar). Here at Genius website integration takes 3 minutes and includes Stripe card payments.
    Check our website integration tutorial video here (it’s only 3 mins long and we actually do a full website integration).

  5. Managing Qualification Renewal Reminders
    Many training companies miss out on repeat business because they don’t have systems in place to remind their learners when their qualifications are due to expire. This is crazy, becuase these customers have already done business with you, so have every reason to use you again. You need to be reminding them where you are, and crucially when they need to book training with you. Going back to point 4, if you have a website where the customer can book online this entire process can be fully automated so you need not lift a finger. Genius Training Managment Software features a fully automated Qualification Renewal Reminder service which sends emails to customers who’s qualifications are due to expire. The email includes a link to your website allowing them to rebook training with you. This single feature alone will bring you extra revenue which in most cases will more than pay for your Training Management Software subscription so it really is a no brainer!

So there you have it. If you don’t already use Training Management Software you should!. If you do use Training Management Software and it’s not Genius Training Management Software you should book a demo to see how Genius compares.

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