How to Increase Bookings with No Risk

Increasing the number of ‘bums on seats’ is not easy, especially since lockdown 2020 happened. Compounding the problem there are approx 18,000 training companies in the UK alone (figures as of 2019) so the competition is fierce.

So the burning question… how do you increase revenue, how do you take more bookings, essentially.. how do you get more bums on seats with no risk.

Well there is more than one answer to this question. You can spend your hard earned cash on marketing your training events on Facebook/Google etc with no guarantee of ROI (Return On Investment). You can hit the phones, but outbound sales costs you time which in itself costs you money. There is another way, a solution that isn’t new entirely, but has been tweeked recently making it much more effective.

We are talking about Sales Networks which are an improvement on the Broker model.
A Training Broker simply advertises your training events on their website and takes bookings (and payment) from customers. They then book a place with you and send the customer Joining Instructions for your training event (branded as theirs). However, there are problems with this approach, such as overbooked or cancelled training events which cause additional admin work and grief for the customer, plus there are financial issues, as the Broker is paid up front by the customer, but don’t usually pay the training provider until after the event has completed. Even then it can be a battle chasing funds and overdue invoices which is why many training providers avoid brokers.

Sales Networks are Different!

A Sales Network is different. A Sales Network such as the Genius Sales Network still lists your training events on a website which is used by both corporate training buyers and the general public to book training events, but a Sales Network is also an extention of Training Management Software used by the Training Provider of the training event. This means that the training provider has full control over the event, the price, when it’s listed, when it’s removed, and as all events are up to date booking numbers can be displayed on the Sales Network in real time. So a sales network receives a live feed direct from the Training Management Software meaning all prices and availability are accurate.
This means events are rarely cancelled which reduces lost bookings and makes for happier customers who give better feedback and will come back again and again.

Get Paid Instantly

The other big difference is that on the Genius Sales Network you are paid directly by the customer at the time of the booking. This is completely unique and is only possible with some very advanced software developed by Genius.
When a customer places a booking on the website the website recognises which training provider owns the training course. The payment system then selects the training providers Stripe account number and charges the customers credit/debit card and assigns it the correct training providers Stripe account, meaning you get paid instantly. It really is a fantastic system and has been pioneered in the training industry by Genius Software Ltd

No Risk, High Reward!

The Sales Network approach has literally no risk for you because you do not pay any set up fee, no monthly fee, and you only pay commission on an order that you have already recieved payment for. If you have a training event that takes no bookings, you pay nothing. So what does this amazing service cost. It costs you nothing, depending on your point of view. If someone was to say to you;

“If I give you £100, will you give me £20 back?”

What would you say?
You would say yes of course, they are giving you £80.
So the Genius Sales Network operates in the same way, you only pay commission on an order that otherwise you would never have, so is paying 20% fair?

For every booking taken on the Genius Sales Network we give you 80% and we take 20%. Then consider we pay for all marketing and advertising too, it’s a Fantastic, No Risk, No Brainer of a deal for you as is great for topping up your training events.

Read more about the Genius Sales Network at our website