Genius + Xero Integration

Users of Genius Training Management Software can now raise and manage invoices in Xero accounts software from Genius with the Genius + Xero Connected integration.

The Genius + Xero Connected integration allows Genius users to create an order, then raise an invoice in Genius. The Xero integration then creates that same invoice in Xero and passes the Xero invoice number back to Genius. The two invoices are then in-sync and will remain so even if you change the order/invoice in Genius, by adding or removing quantities or changing prices for example.

Payment Status Sync
The Genius + credit/debit card payment integration also means that when your customer pays their invoice by credit/debit card Stripe updates Genius, which in turn updates Xero, again keeping your payment status and invoices in-sync.
If your customer chooses to pay by Bank transfer or Cheque, so long as you have linked your Xero account to your bank account, that will update Xero with payment status and Xero will automatically update Genius, keeping the whole system in-sync.

Read more about the Genius + Xero Integration via our website at or watch the Youtube tutorial video right here.

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