Genius Version 2 goes Live

The latest version of Genius Sofware’s Training Management Software is now live.

The team at Genius Software Ltd have redesigned Genius Training Management Software with an updated user interface which is quicker to load, easier to use and more pleasant on the eye. We paid special attention to making Genius easier to use and quicker to find the information you need while maintaining the same placement of familiar items meaning you don’t have to ‘learn’ Genius again so no further training is required, it feels very familiar.

Customise your Layout (including Dark Mode)

Our development team all have their software of choice set to ‘Dark Mode’ as this reduces the ‘blue light’ which adversely effects your eye sight when you look at a computer screen for prolonged periods. We deceided this was a must for version 2, so you can now set Genius to display every screen in dark mode. Genius version 1 has the navigation menu down the left hand side, so with version 2 we wanted to utilise that extra screen space so we moved the navigation bar to the top. You can customise the entire look and feel of version 2 so if you prefer the menu on the left, you can change it back in settings. We created a short youtube video which explains how to change the layout of version 2. Watch the Youtube video here.

Below is a list of the major improvement in version 2;

  • New layout with the navigation bar at the top optimises screen space.
  • You can change the layout back to traditional (navigation bar on the left) if you wish and you can change the colour scheme of Genius too, so if you don’t like the purple, simply select another option.
  • You can now choose to use Genius in ‘Dark Mode’ which changes all light backgrounds to Dark. This reduces the levels of blue light and is much easier on the eyes. This really does make a difference if you look at a screen all day.
  • You can print any page within Genius and you can make any page full screen. This is done with the floating purple button at the bottom of every page.
  • We have a new notification system in Genius, this will be used more in the future as we introduce more features. You will see the bell (top right) this will notify you when you have a message or notification.
  • We have redeveloped the Dashboard page with a new layout, new look statistics, graphs and graphical interface.
  • You can now search your data from any page using Global Search. Click the magnifying glass at the top of the page which opens the search box, choose what you want to search such as ‘Learner surname’ enter a few letters of the surname and hit search. This is a huge timesaver.
  • Lists of data now have integrated intelligent search so you can search anything that is displayed in the dataset. You can also skip right to specific pages when you have large datasets rather than paging through a page at a time. You can download the data that is displayed to CSV, Copy the data (to paste in anywhere else)  and you can print any dataset too. Re-ordering datasets is simple too, just click the column you want to re-order.
  • Invoices have been completely redesigned to allow you to print the invoice or save it as a pdf right from the screen. Invoices are now more aesthetically pleasing and include your logo and optional bank details. Your customers will also see the new ‘pretty version’ and be able to save (as a PDF) or print it via the LMS.
  • Trainer statistics now include a graph for expenses that you have been charged by the trainer and you can search expenses based on a date range.
  • The new email log records every email sent from Genius. This allows you to track which emails are sent to Learners, Contacts, Trainers and more. You will see this throughout the platform.
  • You can now login to the client platform of the Genius LMS as any of your contacts or learner by going to their account and clicking the ‘Login to LMS’ button. This will allow you to see exactly what they see.
  • Qualification Gap Matrix shows you which learners require which training courses. This works in conjunction with Required Qualifications and Qualification Renewal Reminder Service.
  • You can send Order Confirmation emails to yourself or to the Contact from the Order Page.
  • Adding Events to existing orders is now available (read more below).
  • Switching events in Orders (transferring learners from event to event without cancelling the order and rebooking) is now available (read more below).
  • Waiting Lists are now available (read more below).
  • Automated sending of Joining Instructions is now available (read more below).
  • Placing bookings and invoicing in multiple currencies and tax rates is now available (read more below).

New Services

Seamless Online Booking Service via LMS
Your Contacts and Learners can now book your training events and pay for them direct from within the new LMS in a few seconds without the need to type anything and within just a few clicks.
The events that your clients will are the ones that you mark as ‘Show on Website’ within Genius. This service works even if you have not done website integration.
We believe this frictionless service will bring in more revenue for you.

The video below explains the client platform part of the LMS (Learning Management Software).

Login to LMS (Client Platform) as Contact or Learner
You can now login to the client platform of the Genius LMS as any of your contacts or learner by going to their account and clicking the ‘Login to LMS’ button.

This will allow you to see exactly what they see.
This short video gives a great overview

Qualification Gap Matrix
You can now add required qualifications to Learners, Genius will then calculate which learners do not have that valid qualification (via the Renewal Service). Learners who either do not have the qualification or it’s expired are flagged and displayed in a list. This great new feature is also shown to the client via the LMS, with a link which allows the client to seamlessly book the training with you using the Online Booking Service above.

Waiting Lists
You can now enable waiting lists on your events.
This means when an event if full your customers can choose to be added to a list so that if any places come up they get first refusal.
This is integrated with the website integration which means when you events are full and you have enabled waiting lists on the event your customer will see a button which when clicked adds them to the event waiting list.

Please Note: This only works on existing customers, so un-registered customers to your website will not see this feature.

Multiple Currencies & Tax Rates
You can now place orders and invoice in multiple currencies and tax rates via Genius.
Please view this video to see this in action.

Add Events to Existing Orders
You can now add events to existing orders in the same way that you would add products to an existing order. This is done on the order details page in Genius.

Transferring Events
You can now transfer learners from one event to another without cancelling the order and rebooking.
We call this event switching and it is done in the order details page.

Automated Joining Instructions
You can now choose to send joining instructions automatically when either you or the customer make a booking via your website, The Genius LMS or via Genius. To do this on an existing Event just go to the event in Genius and click on ‘Joining Instructions’ link on the top menu. On the Joining Instructions check the box which states ‘Auto send JI’s with booking email’. When creating a new event be sure to check the box which states ‘Auto send JI’s with booking email’. That’s all you need to do. If you replicate an existing event, the Joining Instructions settings will be replicated too.

Customer Platform / LMS

We have further developed the customer platform / LMS. The customer platform is a secure area where your customers (clients and learners) can login to manage their account. This is completely free for your customers and they do perform the following;

  • View track and manage their Orders/Bookings.
  • View and download invoices.
  • Download Joining Instructions.
  • View and Agree / Reject Quotes that you create for them.
  • View and manage all of their learners details, attendance registers, exam results, qualifications, certificates and more.
  • View and manage qualification renewal reminders.
  • Download shared files, such as learning materials, certificates and more.
  • View ‘Qualification Gap Matrix’ which display expired or missing qualifications for each learner.
  • Book renewal training for their learners without leaving the customer platform.
  • and much more.

This new customer platform is also the base for our upcoming LMS (Learner Management Software) which is currently in development.
We are designing this from the ground up and it will be seamleslly linked to the Genius Training Management Software making managing and tracking learner qualifications quick and easy.

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