10 features you need in a Training Management System

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Here are the top 10 Features you need from a Training Management System.

When looking for a Training Management System it is crucial that you know what you need from the software and how it will benefit you, your business and your customers.


  1. Ease of Use

    We hear this question every single day from potential new customers, ‘How easy is it to use?’
    That is a great question, because taking on a new system is a daunting task which will waste your valuable time if it’s difficult to use.  This waste of time is also magnified with the more users that you have as each person learns how to use the system.
    This is also a big reason why you should choose a Training Management System over a CRM system, as a good Training Management System such as Genius is developed purely for Training Organisations and the administration of a training business, so you can start using your TMS instantly without customizing the system for training.

  2. Training and Support

    An easy to use system is great but you will need some initial training and help along the way so you need to make sure that training and help is Free or included in your subscription.
    There is a huge difference in support via a ticket system and support via telephone. Always look for telephone support. Here at Genius we offer free telephone support and screen sharing software which allows our clients to see our screen and even control the mouse, this really helps and is included in our subscription plans.
    This is vital because if you do need help and support, if it is a paid service you have no choice but to pay for help which can get out of hand very quickly costing you a small fortune. A good quality Training Management System provider will offer Free Support to help you if you get stuck.

  3. Automation with Minimal Typing & Duplication of Input

    The more typing that you do increases the potential for errors, it’s just the way it is, we are human and we make mistakes. So it stands to reason that less typing means less typos and less errors, it also means less time is taken.
    Your chosen training management system should include as much automation as possible and reduce duplication of data input to a minimum. You should never need to type a customer or learners name more than once. The same applies to the company name and address as a good Training Management System with automate these processes and do away with duplication of data.
    This is done within Genius with reusable templates, for example you enter a venue address once you never need to enter that information again, it is simply selected from a menu each time you wish to use it.

  4. Communicating with your Trainers

    Communicating with your Trainers, whether they are employed, or subcontract is vital to any training business. Sharing files and documents securely with them, having a diary that both you and the trainer can see and update is also vital. If your trainers have access to your training management system they can create and complete their own attendance registers. Genius offers all of this and it is completely FREE of charge for all of your Trainers. Read about the Trainer Platform.

  5. Superior Customer Experience

    Your customers are one of, if not THE the most important aspects of your business, without them you have no business. Any edge you can gain over your competitors or any USP (unique selling point) is gold dust when it comes to gaining new customers. If you can provide a service or feature that saves your customers time and/or money that’s a great USP.  When your customers train their staff they need to manage that staff data, which person has which qualification and when does it expire or need renewing?
    A good training management system will give your clients access to their own area where they can view orders, view and agree quotes, download invoices and joining instructions, track their learners and qualifications and be notified when they are due for renewal.
    All of this gives your customer a superior experience which means they are more likely to choose you over another training company that does not use a Training Management System.

  6. Integrates with other Software

    Your chosen training management system should integrate with (or talk to) other software such as accounting software, Google Maps and SatNav (for joining instructions), a secure card processing facility and more. Integration with accounting software is a big one here, if there is no integration you have to create orders twice each time a customer wants to place an order. This is wasted time.

  7. Sharing Files

    You will need to share files with your colleagues that is a given, but sharing files with your trainers and clients is ideal. If you can upload a file and be able to share that with select people which means you can upload maps, learning materials, invoices, quotes and certificates and allow your customers and trainers to download them securely.

  8. Taking Bookings Online

    You have to ask yourself who will it benefit when I choose my Training Management System? and here is where most people get it wrong. If you think you need a Training Management System just for your own staff think again!
    Your customers benefit massively if you choose the right Training Management System.
    You need a TMS which integrates seamlessly with your own website, that way you can offer online bookings to your clients. Genius makes this simple with copy and paste integration. Just copy a code snippet into your website and you are done. Your training events will be shown and your customers can book onto them.
    View our demo website here which is integrated with Genius Training Management System.

  9. Accept Secure Card Payments

    You need to be able to accept secure card payments via your Training Management System.
    Gone are the days of asking customers for their card details over the telephone, it’s just not secure and can leave you wide open to fines from Visa and Mastercard.
    The most secure way to accept card payments from your customers is to have this fully built into your Training Management System. This allows your customers to click a secure link and make payment themselves via a secure payment page, this avoids you asking for card details and is best practise with PCI compliance and GDPR. This is absolutely crucial.
    Genius is fully integrated with Stripe.

  10. Update and Development Programme

    No software is perfect, and as technology improves so should your chosen Training Management System. A high quality Training Management System will have taken many thousands of hours to design and develop with millions of lines of code. All of which is hand written by a team of developers.

    Here at Genius we value all of our clients input and our development programme is based around our community of users. Our updates come directly from our clients and this is all free of charge for our users.
    You want your software to develop and integrate with other software and this is all part of the development programme. If your software vendor does not update and further develop their software it will be out of date and left behind.
    Read about the Genius Development Programme here

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