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If you are a Freelance trainer how do you let all of your contacts know your availability to deliver training courses on their behalf?

The latest solution is the Free Trainer Platform from Genius. This cloud based platform is completely Free to freelance trainers and is much more than an online Diary, it also includes Tasks that can be set in your diary by either yourself or the training providers that you work with and much more..

Managing the Event

A Diary is one thing, but what about managing the event, recording the event register each day, and uploading exam results? Well Genius has you covered. When you are assigned to an event by a Genius user you automatically have access to that Event which means that you can see the Event details, such as the course, the venue, the dates, the names of the learners etc.
The Genius Trainer Platform allows you to complete an online register in real time (at the event) via any web enabled device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) or later if you prefer as you can print a list of learners allowing you to perform an offline register in class then transfer that to Genius later. The Register is linked to the training providers Genius training management system in real time so they can see who attended and more importantly who is a ‘Failure to Attend’ instantly. This allows the provider to contact the customer to inform them that a learner is FTA and take the appropriate action.

Exam results are simple to upload with Genius, and takes a few mouse clicks for each learner. Exam results, and the register  can also be viewed online in real time by the client and the learner via the Genius ‘Client Platform‘ which is used by the client to track and manage their learners training.


On Demand with the Cloud

The Genius Trainer Platform is entirely cloud based so you can access it anytime from any web enabled device, such as laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. This means that you can carry your entire business with you in your pocket and it’s always up to date, which is ideal for those last minute additions to the Event. We have even had trainers access the Trainer Platform from 38,000 feet on a flight to the UAE.

How do I get Free Access to Genius Trainer Platform?

Access to the Genius Trainer Platform is Free, but you can only access it if you are invited by a paying Genius user. A paying Genius user is a training organization which subscribes to the Genius Training Management Platform to manage their training administration.

Ask your clients (Training Providers) if they use Genius. If they do not currently use Genius and you refer them you will earn up to £50 per month for every training organization that you refer to Genius who go on to take a paying subscription. Read more about the Genius Referral Programme.


The Genius Referral Programme

Over 90% of new Genius users (Training providers) join us as a result of being referred by an existing user or one of our partners. There is good reason for this too, not only is Genius amazing and loved by our users (read our testimonials) but we pay the referrer up to £50 per month for every month that their referral is with us. Think about that for a minute, refer 10 training organizations to Genius and we pay you £500 per month.. every month for doing nothing.
It’s easy work, so read more about the Genius Referral Programme.


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