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Why Accept Online Training Course Bookings

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The Training Industry is one of the last industries to not fully grasp the importance of accepting online bookings for training courses.
Don’t take my word for it, try searching Google for ‘First Aid Training’ for example and the vast majority of web sites that you find will tell you all about their training courses, get you in the mood for booking it, then tell you to fill an online enquiry form or call them to book. This is 2017, who calls to book now?

It’s crazy… if I can see the course I want why can’t I book it right now. I am in the buying mood, got my credit or debit card in hand ready to give the training company my money. But No!
At this point the customer is thinking one, or all of three things.

  1. This course isn’t available, that’s why I can’t book it.
  2. This company no longer updates their website so they must have ceased trading.
  3. I can’t be bothered to call or enquire, I want to book Now!

Either way the customer is very unlikely to call you to find out.

How do I know this? Allow me to explain!

I used to own the largest health & safety broker business in the UK. We had a very impressive client list, the like of Airbus, Boeing, British Aerospace, Ministry of Defence, Coca-cola, Virgin, Bentley, Aston-Martin, Visa, all 10 of the top 10 construction companies (Balfour, Vinci, Kier etc) the list goes on and we had great success with large organizations.

For each of those companies we assigned a contact person and gave the customer an 0800 (freephone) number to call on to place their orders. Yet over 95% of them chose to book online via our website instead of calling us, and 20% of those orders were placed using a smartphone.

This screams the fact that customers want to book online, and why is that?
It’s called social conditioning.  We book everything online now, from holidays, to trampolining sessions at ‘Go Bounce!’ and everything in between. So why should a training course be any different?

eLearning is growing like crazy right now, people studying their courses online, but training organizations still don’t allow them book it online? This is all about to change.

Accepting PayPal

Some training organizations use a rudimentary system of a basic form and choosing Paypal as a payment option.
This is a mistake and just puts customers off. In my broker business we offered online credit / debit card payments, we also added Paypal as a second payment option. In 6 years and over £16 million of revenue not a single person chose Paypal.
This suggests that customers want a slick and secure credit / debit card payment system. That is the reason we developed Genius Pay, to accept secure online credit / debit card payments specifically for training organizations.
If you currently use the form and Paypal order system, and you are receiving some orders then your customers are desperate to book and you are losing lot’s of business. Make it easy for them.

Denial or Ignorance?
When I speak with training companies the reasons for no accepting online bookings vary, but almost always include the phrase;

” We don’t get many enquiries from our web site anyway! “

Well of course you don’t, your customers think you don’t have a course running, you are out of business or they are just pissed off that they can’t book online so they bounce from your web site to one that accepts online bookings in a single mouse click, never to be seen again.

Booking Platforms
This is all unnecessary as there are now booking platforms which allow training organizations to take online bookings via your website. Eventbrite is a  booking platform which is aimed towards large events such as festivals and concerts and is being used by some training organizations to great effect. This is better than nothing obviously but as Eventbrite is not specifically designed for the training industry it’s not ideal and processing orders can be a lengthy process.

This is where Genius Booking Platform really shines as it was developed specifically for training organizations from scratch and customer orders are processed seamlessly within Genius as well as many time saving features. Read more about the Genius Booking Platform here.


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