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Why use a Training Management System

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Running a busy training business is very time consuming, especially when you consider the amount of administration work involved in booking a single learner onto a training course.
You need to store lot’s of crucial information such as venue details, course and event details, then there is the customer, the learner, joining instructions, attendance registers, exams, certification and much more all of which must be recorded and stored in an efficient and secure manner.
Many training companies use an Excel Spreadsheet for this. While this is a temporary fix it really is not ideal for a busy or growing training business.  This is where a Training Management System is an essential tool.


Access to Information
Training Management System will store all of this crucial business data, usually in the cloud meaning you can access it from anywhere on earth. You should be able to use your chosen Training Management System on any device, such as tablet or smartphone as you may need to login quickly to check on an order or customer whilst on the move for example. This also give you the advantage of having your entire business data with you in your pocket all of the time.


Training Management Systems hold your data securely, meeting GDPR, ISO and PCI compliance standards and are only accessible by your employees. If you are using an Excel spreadsheet and it crashes, your computer harddisk fails or your computer is stolen your business data is gone. Not so with a Training Management System. A good Training Management System will have top end encryption and security with constant backups of your critical business data.


Think of the Value not the Cost!
A good Training Management System will have cost many hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of pounds and several years to design and develop so it’s not possible for trainers to develop their own.
This technology isn’t cheap but with that said your chosen Training Management System should not cost your business anything to use because it should pay for itself with the saving of time, money and added value to your business.
Typically you will pay a monthly subscription for each user ranging from £150  – £250 per user. This is amazing value for money when you consider the time saving for your business. A single person using a Training Management System can do the admin work of two people who are not using one, it’s simple mathematics.


In a previous training broker business we used an early version of the Genius Training Management System and were able to generate annual revenue in excess of £2 million per year with just 2 full time members of staff. Our nearest competitor didn’t use a system such as Genius and had 6 full time members of staff and they generated less revenue. That is the value of a Training Management System such as Genius.


Time & Money Saving
When you input the same data into your Training Management System several times you are wasting time and money. The Genius Training Management System eliminates the duplication of data input completely with reusable templates. Courses, Venues and more are created as templates and then selected which saves a huge amount of time and reduces input errors.
Saving time is one of the main reasons you should choose a Training Management System so the automation of tasks really helps here.
Processes such as Exam Renewal Reminders should be automated, you should be able to see Sales Statistics, KPI’s, Breakeven and Profit & Loss for every training event automatically without the need to create complex reports. This all saves you time which you can spend on bringing in more business, making you more money. The Genius Training Management System does all of this plus much more.

Processes such as creating and sending detailed joining instructions are typically very time consuming for training organizations. A good quality Training Management System will shorten and speed up this process saving you huge amounts of time. Many companies use a Microsoft Word document template to create joining instructions, modifying it for each learner which is very time consuming.
Think how long it takes to create joining instructions for a single course, then the time taken to modify it for each learner. Now think how many times you do that in a single year. Hundreds? Thousands? That’s a lot of time.
Genius Training Management System automatically creates joining instructions for you based off the venue and course templates , if fully integrated with Google Maps and SatNav meaning it’s easy for learners to find the venue, and it’s instant. You can then send those joining instructions to every learner on a course with a single mouse click.
One click and you have sent joining instructions to every learner on a course without typing anything in due to the ‘elimination of duplicate data’.
Think how much time that will save you over the course of a year!


Ease of Use
Ease of use is extremely important as you will be spending a lot of time using your Training Management System so a well design user interface is crucial. Several Training Management Systems have been adapted from other older CRM systems and are over complicated to use.
The Genius Training Management System was designed from scratch specifically for traininig companies with a super simple user interface.


Updates and New Features
A good quality Training Management System vendor will listen to their clients (you) as you use the system daily. Here at Genius we value our community of users and our update and development programme is based around feedback and requests from our community of users. There is a fine line here because as users we don’t like change, so when we figure out how to use something such as facebook or Ebay for example and they change it we go crazy.
Adding in new features is important but they should be added in without changing how everything else works, Genius does this very well.


Website Integration
Taking online bookings from your own website is a must and any Training Management System worth considering should include a simple way to do this. For example; The Genius Training Management System incorporates a secure online booking platform and is fully integrated with Stripe to accept card payments. This means that by adding a simple code snipped to a page on your existing website all of your training events are listed. Your customers can then browse your training events and book online and pay securely with just a few mouse clicks.
The order is then displayed in your Genius Training Management System ready for you to process it with minimum time and effort.
This should not be expensive to integrate. There are some Training Management Systems that charge upwards of £2,500 for this feature. With Genius it’s Free!
Genius charge a small percentage of each transaction that is booked through the booking platform you can read about pricing here.
This is fantastic value because every booking that you receive through your website is a booking that you would not normally have received. It’s extra value for your business.
If you are not accepting online bookings from your own website you are throwing away business!

Using a Training Management System for your Training Business is not a luxury, it’s crucial if you want to save time and money, scale and grow your business as efficiently as possible.

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