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Training Companies Being Left Behind!

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When it comes to technology in business the training sector has been left far behind.
There aren’t many industries left where pen and paper or even Microsoft Excel and Word for that matter are used to record critical business information, but unfortunately training is one of the few.

When I speak to training companies  (and I speak to a lot of training companies) most of them use either pen and paper or Excel and Word to record their customers, training bookings, courses, venues, events, delegates, registers, exam result and more.  This is not only extremely time consuming it’s also dangerous for their business if they have a hard disk failure or a corrupt tile. It happens!

We are in an age now where you can hail a cab using your phone without making a call (Uber) where you can sit around a boardroom table on the beach for a meeting (virtual reality).  We now have driverless cars and are on the verge of flying cars so why is that the training management software industry has been left in the stone age by comparison to other industries?

Maybe it’s due to a reluctance within the training industry to adopt this amazing new technology, or is it just that the technology isn’t available for the training industry yet?

Here at Genius we believe it’s that later. Yes there are some training management platforms out there but they are big and cumbersome, difficult to learn, worse to use and far too complex. It’s as if they were designed by programmers instead of trainers. This is where Genius is different.

Genius History

Genius was designed and developed from scratch for my own training broker business back in the day.
We started a broker business and needed a platform that was largely automated to deal with the large volume of orders that we received on a daily basis. The platform that we required just didn’t exist and tailoring something like ‘salesforce‘ would be far too complex and expensive, so we began to create a very early version of Genius.
It was a work in progress and using feedback from our providers, customers and team the platform improved with each update over the course of 7 years. The platform allowed the broker business to process in excess of £2.5 million of orders per year with just 2 member of full time staff. That is unheard of in the training industry with our nearest competitor employing 6 staff and processing fewer orders.

Now called Genius, the platform is battle tested and actually processed in access of £16 million worth of training course orders in it’s lifetime and never failed or suffered downtime once.

Genius is cloud based so it’s accessed with a username and password like any secure website, with no software for users to install and can be accessed anywhere on earth on any device. This means that critical business data is always in the users pocket and can be access at any time day or night, even using a smartphone.

Saving Time

Genius completely removes duplication, never entering the same data twice is crucial for time saving, and many of the day to day admin tasks have been automated. Genius users are reporting up to 60% time saving per day. That is huge!

1 Click Features

Many of Genius features are 1 click;
For example: Genius sends personalized Joining Instructions to every delegate on a training course by email including a google map of the venue – with ‘1 click ‘.  That’s one mouse click to send all Joining Instructions for the entire event. Think how much time that single feature saves training providers.
Users can create a new ‘Event’ with 1 click, can send ‘Exam Proof Of Pass’ email with 1 click and much more.


Automated Features

The only thing better than ‘1 click’ is ‘Fully Automated ‘ features and Genius has them too.
Qualification Renewal and Expiry notices are fully automated in Genius. No need to remember renewal dates, Genius knows when qualifications are due for renewal and automatically emails the delegate up to 4 times based a schedule set by the user.
Profit and Loss is crucial business information, Genius calculates all of this for each event automatically.
Users viewing each event will see break even, profit & loss, conversion rate and more, live and in real time.

Genus has many more amazing time saving features and we are adding more every day.
The best way to learn about Genius is to book a FREE no obligation Demo.
Click here to book your demo or call us on: 0345 2003213 now!

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