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Why don’t Training Providers Sell Online?

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Why is it that most training companies don’t take bookings from their own website?

It seems strange that the vast majority of training companies have gone to the trouble of having a website developed and then not added the functionality to allow their visitors to become their customers by allowing them to actually book their training courses online.

” Website’s that don’t accept online bookings are a complete waste of time and money! “

Imagine you are the training provider in this scenario which plays out thousands of times every day;

A customer is looking for a training course that you offer so they head over to Google and type their chosen training course in. From the thousands of website results they click through to your website, that’s amazing, that’s half the battle won already, so your marketing is clearly working.
The customer finds the course they are looking for and reads your description.
“That’s perfect, exactly what I am look for, now how do I book this training course?” think’s the customer.
The customer is in the buying mood, with credit/debit card in hand ready to book a place. Now here is the problem, they can’t actually book the course, instead they have to fill out a form to ‘Register your Interest’ or ‘call us for more info’.
This tells the customer that you don’t actually have the training course to offer, if you did you would sell it online wouldn’t you? Now the customer doesn’t trust you. This is a huge wasted opportunity, your website did it’s job of attracting the visitor but it failed to convert them from visitor to customer.
The customer is looking to buy right now, so you need to make it as simple as possible for the customer to book online right now

” Would you visit and search all of their books, finding the one that you want to then fill in a form or pick up the phone? “

Training is a competitive business so every training provider needs to capture as much business from their website as possible. The job of attracting potential customers to their website in the first place is not easy given the number of training companies out there so when a customer does actually land on a training companies website they need to take full advantage of it and capture the booking right there and then.
Training companies website’s that don’t accept online bookings are a complete waste of time and money!

So who is to blame?

Training companies are not to blame here though, because booking a training course is more complex than buying a book online. This is where the problem lays, there are simply no off the shelf ecommerce website solutions specifically for training companies.

Enter Genius.

We decided to tackle this problem and allow every training company take online bookings from their own existing website. From one man bands (owner trainers) to large corporations, we wanted to level the paying field. This is no easy task and we faced several challenges;

  • How do we make it quick and easy to implement?
  • How do we make it work on existing websites, saving the expense of a new website?
  • How do we make it simple to list and remove courses?
  • How do we allow the training companies to process their orders simply?
  • How do we remove all duplication and add automation, saving time and money?

After almost 2 years of development we launched Genius which meets all of our criteria above and much more. Genius can be implemented on any website by adding a simple code snippet (2 lines of programming code) .

Demonstration Website

Genius Training is a fictitious training company for whom we have developed a demo website to demonstrate how this works. Visit  and click on ‘Course Events’.
This will display a list of all of this training companies courses. Customers can book a place on any course, when they do the order is immediately shown in the Genius Platform ready to be processed.

The Genius platform includes full cloud based training management platform which completely removes duplication whilst automating many of the repetitive administration tasks faced by a modern training company.
Genius is easily affordable as it’s subscription based, charged an a per-user basis which makes Genius  cheaper than a single place on most training courses.
Genius saves money and Genius makes money, which is why it’s called Genius, and we believe this platform is a real game changer in the training industry.

You can book your FREE Genius Demo or call us on: 0345 200 3213 during office hours.

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