The Fantastic Four..

Genius Enterprise is initially build around Genius Premium architecture and then totally customised to meet your exact requirements. Initially this consist of four platforms which are all controlled by the Training Management Software. These platform are all optional (Genius Training Management Software can work stand alone) and are included with your Genius Enterprise.

Training Management Software

Genius Training Management Software is the core of Genius and controls the other 3 platforms. Here you store all of your business and customer data. This is where you plan and manage your training events, bookings, customers & learners, qualifications, trainers, expenses, finance and much more.

Customer Platform

Your customers and learners have free access to the Customer Platform to monitor & manage their training, qualifications, renewal reminders, training gap matrix, quotes, invoices, orders, download shared files and certificates and more. The customer platform is also where learners can access elearning via the Genius Learner Management Software (LMS).

Trainer Platform

Your trainers, whether employed or freelance can all have access to the Trainer Platform to manage their own diary, expenses and fee's, assigned events, attendance registers, exam results and more. You have complete control over the view and actions that trainers can see and do. Read More..

Website Integration

Integrate your website to accept online bookings & secure payments. The live feed from Genius Training Management Software displays real time availability and prevents overbooking. Using Marketplace via the LMS allows your customers to book training and make secure payment all without leaving the LMS. Read More.

What is Possible?

We are often asked, 'So what can you customise?' and the answer is always the same. Anything!
We initially start out with a fresh install of Genius Premium (which we developed from scratch) and a clean database, then we can change any aspect to meet your requirements. Obviously we can change the colours, look and feel to match your brand, but it can go much deeper. We can actually change the fundamental database, how your team interacts with Genius and so much more.
We can even develop new workflows and features that we have never done before. For example we recently created a detailed (ISO compliant) complaints handling system for a Genius Enterprise client with great success.
The only limit is your imagination!

Genius Enterprise bespoke development

Training Gap Matrix

No Limits!

Genius Enterprise is unlimited by the number of customers, learners, users, trainers, orders, training events and anything else you can think of.

Genius Enterprise scales gracefully with the growth of your business meaning you will never be restricted in your growth.

Genius Enterprise is an investment in the future of your company.

Genius Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? if they are not answered below give us a call on 0330 113 7783.

  • Genius Enterprise, what exactly is it?
    If you have been looking for Training Management Software but can't find anything that perfectly meets your requirements.. That's what Genius Enterprise is!
    Genius Enterprise is training management software that we design and develop to meet your exact requirements.
  • What kind of things can you change/develop?
    Some of our clients need a few simple changes such as label names, whereas other clients require development of entire systems specifically for them such as a detailed complaints system that is not available in Genius Premium.
    Genius Enteprise is software that will grow with your business. We can change / develop software at any time, so if your requirements grow or change, we can alter Genius Enterprise to meet your requirements at any time.
  • OK, so how is that commercially viable?
    95% of our clients use Genius Premium, which is our Training Management Software. So for Enterprise we take a fresh up to date copy of Genius Premium, install it on a seperate server with its own clean database just for you. No one else has access to this server and software. Using Genius premium as a base, we then customise, change, develop the software to meet your exact requirements.
  • Wow, that must be expensive?
    Everything is relative. Our Enterprise clients save huge amounts of time by having software that meets their exact needs, integrates with their chosen software and automates the vast majority of their business. So yes it's more expensive than Genius Premium, but it's YOUR software that changes and grows with your business.
  • How long is the contract
    The contract for Genius Enterprise is a rolling 24 month contract. You can renew for 24 months at a time when your initial 24 months expire.
  • If I cancel, what happens to my data?
    If you ever leave Genius you can take your data with you, it's all yours. If you don't we delete it after 7 days.
  • How do I pay Genius?
    We take payment by subscription on a monthly basis (1st of the month) this is done by Direct Debit using Go Cardless and is a fully automated process.
    If you use our web site integration we also take the commission payment using this same direct debit each month.
  • How do I add more users?
    Just give drop us an email and we do all of the work for you. Simple!
  • How long does it take to start using Genius Enterprise?
    Due to the nature of Genius Enterprise there is no 'one size fits all' time schedule as each use case is different. Time is based on development time, but go live usually ranges from 1 month to 4 months depending on your requirements.
  • What if I need to leave Genius?
    The end of any relationship is hard, the memories made together, the laughter, the joy we bring each other... We get it, people grow, they change and the grass looks greener on the other side, but that's seldom the case.
    No one likes a break up, but we understand that you 'need to find yourself' and 'it's you, not us' so no hard feelings...
    To break up with Genius we don't insist that you 'at least have the guts to do it to my face!', you can send us a 'dear Jon' email giving 30 days notice at the end of your 12 month contract. No penalties, no fees to pay, just a teary goodbye.
    Unlike a bitter lover we don't hold a grudge and will always take you back with open arms. Some may leave.. but they all come back in the end!
  • Sounds Amazing, How do I see Genius Enterprise?
    The first stage is to book a demo of Genius Premium. This gives us a starting point, and will highlight features that you would like to change / add / remove.
    You can book a demo here

Training Management Software Planning
Training Management Software Resource management

Plan Training & Manage Resources

Planning and managing training is quick and simple with Genius Training Management Software. The use of templates speed up the planning and building process while maintaining accuracy of data input. Single data entry eliminates the need to key in course, venue and resources data multiple times keeping your data accurate, clean and concise.

Managing Resources & Expenses, calculating profit/loss and break even is quick and simple with advanced statistics and KPI automatically generated in real time.

Manage Customers & Learners

Managing customer accounts is simple utilizing single data input to maintain concise data entry. Managing learners training records and qualifications is quick and simple due to the intuitive Genius user interface.

Manage qualification renewal reminders and gaps in learners training & qualifications with the Training Gap Matrix. Share files with customers and learners via the Genius File Sharing service.

Manage Customers
Manage Learners
Feedback Surveys
Customer Surveys
Create FeedBack Surveys

Collect Customer Feedback

Creating bespoke feedback surveys is a breeze with Genius Training Management Software. Multiple feedback options such as multiple choice, check boxes, star rating and more make your feedback surveys flexible.

Sending feedback surveys is quick and easy too, simply choose who the recipients are and send the surveys to multiple recipients with a single click. View individual feedback or group surveys together to view averages. All feedback surveys are completed by your customers and learners via the Genius Learner Management Software.

Share Files
Upload to Cloud
Share Files with Customers & Trainers

The Genius File Sharing service allows you to upload files to the cloud for storage or to share.

Sharing with Customers
Upload learning materials or certificates to share with customers & learners. Your customers & learners can then download these files via the Genius LMS.

Sharing with Trainers
Upload learning materials, invoices, documents or any files to share with your trainers. Trainers can then download these files via the Trainer Platform.

Multiple Regions and Locales
Multiple Currencies

Multi-Currency & Multi-Locale

Genius is used world wide in multiple currencies, timezones and locales.

Genius makes booking training and invoicing in multiple currencies, with different tax rates and tax regions quick and simple so is ideal for multi-region and global companies.

Genius allows you to have your account set in a default currency and then place orders and raise invoices in any other currency that you choose, making Genius ideal for Training Companies who deal in many different currencies.

Share Files
Book a Walk Through

Booking a Genius walk though is a great way to understand how our software actually works and how it will impact your business. We use Zoom or Microsoft Teams as we walk you through Genius Training Management Software.
We often use this technique to train our clients and their teams and find it the prefect way to explain Genius without any pressure.
Our team is international so we can arrange a walk through at any time to suite you regardless of your time zone.

Booking a Walk Through
Booking a walk through is simple, just enter your details into the short form and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.

Book a Walk Through

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Why Choose Genius

There are hundreds of features and many reasons to choose Genius Training Management Software for your Training Management requirements.
Below are some of our clients reasons for choosing Genius.

Simple To Use

The intuitive Genius user interface is powerful, slick and easy to use.

Cloud Access on All Devices

Genius Training Management Software is cloud based, works on all devices from anywhere in the world.

Regular Free Updates

Genius Training Management Software receives constant free updates adding new features & integrations.
Who Choose Genius Training Management Software

Advanced Stats & KPI

Genius automates reports, advanced statistics and KPI allowing you to plan growth.

Free Training & Support

Genius includes unlimited free training and support for you and your team.

Integrate with your Website

Integrate Genius Training Management Software seamlessly with any website for online bookings and payments.

Fully Secure System

Genius Training Management Software and all platforms are secured by end to end encryption and SSL.

What our Clients Say..

Our clients love Genius so much that 90% of new clients are referred by existing clients.

Let's keep in touch..

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