It's a Game Changer

The concept is a game changer. We are not a broker service because we don't get involved in the sales, booking or payment process.
Customers book direct with you and pay you direct so our service is much like an extension of your own website.

Managing Your Events

You have complete control over which of your events are listed on the Genius Sales Network as you manage them.

Easy to use Interface

We give you Free access to Genius Training Management Software to manage your events and bookings.

Customer books with you

Customers book their training direct with you providing a superior service for the customer and more control for you.

Customer Pays You

The customer pays you at the time of placing the booking. This is done by credit card or bank transfer - your choice.

We charge a small commission

We charge a small commission at the end of each month, that's how our service is funded. No sale, No charge.

Advanced Data Analytics

Analyze your sales with real time advanced sales analytics only found in Genius.

Genius Sales Network Pricing

There are no upfront fees, no monthly fee, no contract and fees are only on charged on bookings.
If you get no bookings you pay nothing at all.

Commission on Each Order


  • Unlimited number of Events
  • No Listing Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Contract
  • No Bookings, No Fee's
  • Option to Sponsor Categories *
  • Option to Quote for Private Training *
  • Free Access to Genius
  • Free Telephone Support
  • Free Sales Analytics

Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered below please contact us.


How do I list Events

We give you free access to Genius (which is our Training Management Software). You use this to upload and manage your training events.

What are the charges?

There are no fee's unless you take a booking. When you take a booking we charge a flat 20% of that booking. That's it, nothing else.

How does the customer pay me?

You will need an account with to use our service. Genius then uses your own stripe account to process the payment for the booking which means the money goes to your stripe account, bypassing us completely. You can also choose to accept Bank Transfer where the customer will transfer the money to your bank account.

How do you charge me?

You will need to set up a direct debit with Go Cardless when you join our service. Our systems are automated and will automatically charge your direct debit at the end of the month for all transactions in that month.

Do I get the full version of Genius for Free?

Noooo, no you don't.
Our clients pay £200 per month per user for Genius. Therefore you have limited access to Genius for free which allows you to manage your events and process orders that are placed through our sales network. If you want to manage all of your customers and order via Genius you will need to take a Genius subscription. If you would like Book a Demo we will happily show you the benefits.

How much does Stripe charge?

Stripe process card payments. They typically charge 1.4% - 1.8% for processing each transaction (this depends on volume) but they don't charge a monthly fee and you don't need a merchant account with your bank to use stripe. Visit the website to set up an account with them.

Can I using my Paypal acount?

No, paypal fee's are much more expensive than Stripe and Genius is not integrated with PayPal.

Can Customers pay by Bank Transfer?

Yes, you can choose whether to accept payment by Bank Transfer, Cheque or On Account (for corporate clients).

Can I contact the customer?

When a customer books training with you of course you should contact them regarding their booking. You must not however offer further services to them under any circumstances as this is a breach of our terms.

What are Optional Services?

We offer several additional services that are optional, such as sponsoring a category (highlights your event and places it at the top of listings) and quoting for private in house training. These are optional services and you are not required to use or pay for them.

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