4 Platforms in 1

Your Genius subscription grants you access to all 4 platforms, Training Management System, Customer Platform, Instructor Platform, and seamless Website Integration. Each platform is designed to enhance your training management process with intelligent automation and single data input, reducing time and mistakes.

Training Management System (TMS)

Genius Training Management System (TMS) is the core that seamlessly controls the other three platforms. The TMS is the central hub where you efficiently store and manage all your vital business and customer data, from planning and scheduling your training to handling bookings, customers, learners, qualifications, instructors, expenses, and finance.

Training Management System

Customer Platform

A superior customer experience keeps your customers returning and with the Genius Customer Platform they have exactly that. Here, they can effortlessly monitor and manage their training progress, qualifications, renewal reminders, training gap matrix, quotes, invoices, orders, and even download shared files and certificates, among other capabilities.
For your corporate clients, this secure environment provides a secure platform to oversee and manage all their learners.

Customer Platform

Trainer Platform

The Trainer Platform grants your chosen Trainers secure access to manage their personal diaries, expenses, fees, assigned events, attendance registers, exam results, and a host of other essential functionalities.
You retain full control over each Trainer's access, with the ability to tailor their permissions to match your specific needs, ensuring a secure and tailored experience for everyone involved.

Trainer Platform

Website Integration

Elevate your online presence by seamlessly integrating your website with Genius, enabling hassle-free online bookings and secure payments through Stripe. Our integration ensures that your website displays real-time availability, putting an end to the risk of overbooking. Plus, completed events are automatically removed from view, maintaining an up-to-date and efficient booking system.
Managing your orders is simple with all orders conveniently displayed within Genius TMS. This streamlined process guarantees swift and uncomplicated order processing, saving you valuable time and resources.

Website Integration
Training Management System Planning
Training Management Ssystem Resource management

Plan Training & Manage Resources

Effortlessly plan and manage your training operations with the intuitive Genius Training Management System. Genius streamlines the process, making it quick and straightforward. We've incorporated templates that expedite planning and building, all the while ensuring the accuracy of your data input.
With Genius, you'll eliminate redundant data entry tasks, sparing you from the need to input course, venue, and resource data repeatedly. This results in a business data that's consistently accurate, clean, and concise.

Moreover, managing resources and expenses, as well as calculating profit/loss and break-even points, has never been easier. Our software generates advanced statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, providing you with invaluable insights at your fingertips. Simplify your training management with Genius.

Manage Customers & Learners

Managing customer accounts is quick and simple utilizing single data input to maintain concise data entry and save time. Manage learners training records, qualifications, renewal reminders and gaps in learners training & qualifications with the Training Gap Matrix. Share files with customers and learners via the Genius File Sharing service.

Give your learners and corporate customers free access to the Customer Platform allowing customers and learners to book, view, track and manage their own training.

customer platform

No Limit & No Charge

Manage as many customers and learners in Genius as you like. We don't charge a per customer or per learner fee and this is unlimited.
The Customer Platform is also Free of charge and unlimited for your customers and learners.

Detailed Customer & Learner Records

Store detailed customer and learner records, multiple addresses, accounts details, ID, D.O.B, special learning needs, emergency contacts, attendance, exam results and much more.

Manage Qualifications

Manage your learners qualifications, exam results, create and print certificates. Track and manage expired qualifications and qualification gaps.

Automated Renewal Reminders

Your customers and learners receive automatic reminder notification emails before their qualifications expire, making booking renewals easy.

Customer Statistics

View detailed customer statistics, buying trends, monthly value, total value and more.

Share Files

Store & share files with your customers and trainers with ease. Customers & trainers download files from their own platforms.

Manage Trainers

Genius makes managing your trainers a breeze, whether they are full time employees or subcontract / freelance trainers.

You can manage access to the Trainer Platform, record and manage trainer expenses, view trainer statistics, control trainers diaries and much more.

Manage Trainers

No Charge

We don't charge for the trainers the you manage via Genius.
The Trainer Platform is also Free of charge.

Trainer Qualifications

Manage and record trainers qualifications, easily see which courses trainers are qualified to deliver to make an informed decision on assignments.

Trainer Venue & Region Management

Assign trainers only to venues & regions which they can deliver training at, minimizing travel expenses.

Trainer Expenses

Manage Trainer expenses, such as travel expenses, training fee's and more'.

Manage Trainer Diaries

Each trainer has their own Diary to view & manage their Tasks, Checklist and Events and assignments are automatically added to their diary.

Registers & Exams

Trainers can complete attendance registers and exam results live in the event.

Create & Manage Bookings in Genius

Genius features a secure booking system that enables you to create and manage bookings (orders) on behalf of your customers, streamlining the process of enrolling learners into training events.

Booking procedures are designed to be quick and straightforward, and thanks to Genius single data entry policy, there's no need to duplicate customer information. This policy ensures both efficiency and data accuracy, reducing the risk of errors.
For a more detailed demonstration, you can watch the short video below that provides insights into how to place a booking with Genius.

Genius Training Management System Orders

Customer Platform

Your customers benefit from complimentary access to the Genius Customer Platform. This optional feature can be disabled if preferred. The customer platform empowers your customers and learners to monitor and manage various aspects of their training experience, including tracking training progress, viewing and managing orders, accessing invoices and payment information, and keeping an eye on qualifications, among other functionalities.

For your corporate customers, the platform extends even further, allowing them to oversee and manage all their staff members training activities through the Customer Platform.
It's worth noting that while this feature is offered at no cost to you, some of our clients choose to charge their own customers for access to the Customer Platform. This flexibility is one of the many advantages of using Genius Training Management Software.
Read about the Customer Platform.

Genius Customer Platform

Secure Access from Anywhere

Your customers can securely access the Customer Platform from any web-enabled device using a standard web browser, eliminating the need for additional downloads.

Access Control

You have full access control over determining which customers can or cannot access the Customer Platform. This granular control allows you to grant or revoke access instantly and at any time.

Corporate Access

Corporate clients and training managers have the capability to securely view, manage, and track their learners within the Genius platform.

Attendance & Qualifications

Your customers can to view and track qualifications, attendance records, exam results, certificates, and more allowing them to monitor the progress and achievements of their learners.

Renewals & Gap Analysis

Your customers can track crucial aspects related to their learners, including qualification renewal reminders, Training Gap Matrix, and additional important information.

Bookings & Finance

Your customers can easily make new bookings, view and manage existing bookings, download invoices, make payments, and perform various other tasks to streamline their training and administrative processes.

Share Files with Customers

Securely share files with your customers and learners, easily sharing a variety of file types, including certificates, PDF documents, videos, audio files, and more.

Trainer Platform

You won't incur additional licensing fees since all your trainers receive free access to the Genius Trainer Platform, regardless of your trainer count.

Robust access control enables you to customize the level of access for each trainer with individual permission settings.

This flexibility allows you to selectively share sensitive information with specific trainers while restricting it from others, at your discretion.
Read about the Trainer Platform.

Genius Trainer Platform

Free Access

The Trainer Platform is completely Free of charge for all of your trainers, either freelance or employed.

Access Control

You have complete control over which trainers have access and when. Grant or revoke access with a single click.

Cloud File Sharing

Upload files and share them with trainers in our secure environment.

Accessible Anywhere

Trainers can access Genius anywhere securely using any web enabled device.

Manage Diaries

Each trainer has their own Diary to manage their Tasks, Checklist and Events.

Registers & Exams

Trainers can complete attendance registers and exam results live in an event.

Accept online bookings
Accept Online Payments with Stripe

Accept Bookings and Payments on your Website

Accepting bookings on your own website is crucial in todays market and Genius Training Management Software makes this simple with our 'copy and paste' integration which includes secure card payments.

Accept Card Payments

Genius website integration includes Stripe secure card payment service. Stripe even updates your orders payment status within Genius when payments are made.

Live Feed

Genius Training Management Software provides a live feed to your website displaying available places in real time and closes full or expired events automatically avoiding overbooking events.

Order Data Sync

All customer and order data is synced with Genius in real time utilizing single data input and allowing you to process orders quickly and easily.

Works on All Devices

Genius website integration is 'Responsive' which means it automatically works on all devices including smart phones, tablets, PC and Laptops.

Training & Support Included

Learning to use new software can be daunting, especially when you have large teams, so with Genius we hold your hand through the entire process.
Using Zoom & Microsoft Teams we train your team and offer support.

Full Training for your Team

Detailed walk through sessions over Zoom or Teams are included for your team at no additional cost.

Worldwide Support

Our Worldwide support team offer full training and support regardless of your location and time zone.

One to One advice

Not sure you are getting the most out of Genius?
Our customer success teams are on hand offering tips and advice to help you get the absolute most out of Genius.

Genius Training Management Software Support

Fancy a chat? Call us now on: (UK): 0330 113 7783

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Booking a Genius demo is a great way to understand how our software actually works and how it will have a positive impact on your business. We use Zoom or Microsoft Teams as we walk you through Genius Training Management Software demonstrating the automation and time saving features that save our clients up to 65% on their course planning, scheduling and management.

We often use this technique to train our clients and their teams and find it the prefect way to demonstrate Genius without any pressure.
Our team is international so we can arrange a demo at any time to suite you regardless of your time zone.

Booking a Demo
Booking a demo is simple, just enter your details into the short form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

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